Our workshops provide the forum for gathering together a group of breast cancer survivors who want to learn what they can do after completion of treatment to improve outcomes.  Designed for those who want to be proactive about their recovery, our goal is to create an environment that will empower women to make meaningful improvements in their health and well-being.

In our workshops, we present the data for things that YOU can do that have been PROVEN to improve outcomes after breast cancer.  Our workshops merge discussion of the scientific literature and hands-on activities in a “mind-body-spirit” format to provide the tools and information to guide the transition from medical care to self-care, and jump-start the path to wellness.

Workshops meet weekly for 4-6 week courses or as day-long seminars.  Our recently completed and upcoming workshops include:

  • Arm Yourself Against Lymphedema
  • Nine Lives Cooking School
  • New Beginnings
  • New Movement
  • Honor the Journey Create Your Own Shrine