Avoiding weight gain after breast cancer treatment is very important

The Nurse’s Health Study showed that breast cancer survivors whose body mass increased after diagnosis were at increase risk of both breast cancer recurrence, death from breast cancer, or death overall.  An average weight gain of 6 pounds was associated with a 1.4-fold increased risk of recurrence, and higher weight gain (average of 17 pounds) with 1.53-fold increased risk of recurrence.  Risk of death was 1.6-fold in the group with the highest weight gain.  Those who started out at a healthy weight but then gained weight after diagnosis had the strongest association between weight gain and breast cancer recurrence .

You can find out more about this study from  New Life After Cancer's book, or here under "resources".  Look for Chapter 1 - The Data: The Nurses' Health Study.  http://www.newlifeaftercancer.org/resources/a_prescription_for_wellness_health_behaviors_that_improve_breast_cancer_out/11_the_data_the_nurses_health_study/