About Us

New Life After Cancer is a unique cancer support program that seeks to promote survivorship by providing the knowledge and insight to help breast cancer survivors to embrace change and adopt healthy, sustainable lifestyles that will improve quality of life and outcomes.

How we are unique:

  • Our emphasis is on survivorship as a way of life rather than support during treatment, which means that we target the point in the process of recovery when there is a realization that a phase shift has to take place and that going back to “life as normal” before breast cancer is no longer the healthiest or wisest option.
  • Our orientation is educational - we believe that knowledge empowers.  We provide the information and skill set to help breast cancer survivors to proactively adopt health habits that will keep us well.  We provide the tools and support to motivate adoption of sustainable, healthy lifestyles
  • Our retreats and workshops - we create an eclectic variety of small-group retreats and workshops.  We believe that one size does not fit all, so we create unique venues to match the topic, the faculty, and the participants so that each retreat and workshop is a unique experience.  Like the newest “targeted” anti-cancer treatments we design “targeted” survivorship support.
  • Our collaborative interactions between academic and community practitioners to study new ways of providing support, and to recruit professionals fro outside the cancer fields to direct their expertise to cancer survivorship.